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Freedom Breakfast

Made up of over 60 government and non-profit agencies, the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition is dedicated to preventing and intervening in slavery and human trafficking.

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Masis Arám Kevorkian

Masis Arám Kevorkian was born in Holland and came to the States at a young and worked hard to achieve success, grow a beautiful family and the adoration of his friends and colleagues.



Becky Petitt

Since Southwest Airlines’ beginnings, the LUV airline has always approached business differently; democratizing the skies with affordable air travel, delivering Legendary Customer Service and connecting people to what’s most important to them. 

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Strong Hearts, Strong Couple

Valentine’s Day month is here and is a time to celebrate your loved ones. While there are many romantic indulgences to enjoy this month, there are also many healthy activities to do as a couple.

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What’s In – February

Here are some stylish and timeless ways to celebrate the woman, or man, in your life! CJ Charles in La Jolla has a stunning selection of jewelry to mark the special occasion that will bring smiles for years to come.

Feel Good Friday


The Park

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